John R. Lawson

John R. Lawson

Scientific researcher & computer programmer


I’m John. I’m a Senior Air Quality Scientist at the Bingham Research Center (Utah State Univ.), Vernal, Utah in the USA. Previously, I was a laboratory technician at Valparaiso University, Indiana, and am former CEO of a cloud-based weather company, Bolt Forecast. I hold a doctorate in Meteorology from Iowa State University, Iowa (USA), with 42 months' experience as a postdoctoral research position at CIMMS/NSSL in Oklahoma, USA. My MS in Meteorology was completed at the University of Utah (USA) and my MMet in Meteorology was completed at the University of Reading (UK).

I grew up in northeastern England, and lived in Reading (England), Salt Lake City (Utah, USA), Ames (Iowa, USA), Ensenada (BC, Mexico), Norman (Oklahoma, USA), and northwest Indiana (USA).

Ask me about the following: politics and ethics, cricket, association football, philosophy, languages and accents, music (rock, metal, electronic, psychedelic), spiders, gambling statistics…


  • Meteorology
  • Predictability and Chaos
  • Information Theory
  • Complexity Science


  • Ph.D. in Meteorology, 2016

    Iowa State University

  • M.S. in Meteorology, 2013

    University of Utah

  • MMet in Meteorology (+1 year in Oklahoma, USA), 2011

    University of Reading; University of Oklahoma




Data analysis and visualisation



Proficient with command line Linux


Scientific writing

Published scientific writer



Post-doctoral researcher assistant

Cooperative Insititute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies and National Severe Storms Laboratory; Norman, Oklahoma, USA.

Jan 2017 – Nov 2020 Oklahoma

Key points include:

  • Presented at conferences around the US
  • Led and published research on improving thunderstorm forecasts
  • Ran and installed numerical weather prediction models
  • Designed and coded software in python and Fortran


Email preferred.


Director and Founder of Bolt Forecast

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